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  • 829 Views NZBands NZBands - Tue 13 Jun 17

    Would you like to be able to comment on profiles? Does it have any merit?

  • LucasB LucasB - Thu 22 Jun 17

    The concept is fine as long as the owner of the profile allows the comment to be public or not. Otherwise its open to abuse yes?

  • NZBands NZBands - Mon 26 Jun 17

    Yea would the the same as commenting on a listing, you control it, can delete etc, turn it off.

  • Haymen Haymen - Sat 19 Aug 17

    good idea but as is mentioned the opportunity of unprofessional players having issues aired online needs to be controlled

  • NZBands NZBands - Sun 27 Aug 17

    Such as?

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