Looking To Start A Project

21 Feb 2024 453 views
Musician Wanted (Guitarist)
Hey team,
Looking to find some muso's to start a project with. I'm wanting to do a downtuned, grungey-shoegaze kind of thing with some electronics thrown in for good measure. Am currently listening to stuff like Softcult, Sickjoy and Crosses, so that kinda sound is my starting point, but open to other influences of course.
I haven't written even a note or lyric for this so far, it's all conceptual at this point. Would like it to be quite collaborative and equal project. Keen to just bang out a few tunes and see what happens, open to gigs or whatever down the line.
I'm primarily a guitarist and programmer, and would be looking for a singer and drummer at least.
I can send you some of my previous work via email.
Hit me up if this sounds like something you could be into


Original Musician from Auckland
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