Record your songs; beginners and first-timers welcome!

10 May 2021 1869 views
To Singer-Songwriter, Solo Musician or Duo,

If you would like to capture and craft your music in a relaxed environment, free of ego and pomp, and work with someone who will respect your vision regardless of how talented, experienced, or in the know you are, then I would like to work with you. If your priority is capturing your vibe and crafting a sound, rather than being put through a big studio's conveyor belt & cookie cutter combo leaving you sounding like someone else, then please get in touch.

If you have been chipping away at your music for years between the chaos of everyday life, and now you would like to get it recorded to enjoy yourself and perhaps share with others. If you would like a recording to help build a profile and help with finding others to collaborate with, let's work together to make something you can proud of.

Whether on the one hand, you would like to record a to-the-point song and get to the finish line asap, or on the other hand you would like to enjoy the journey and develop some ideas while recording and arranging, I will facilitate you as best I can.

Check out the following link for more information and studio rates:

Record your songs; beginners and first-timers welcome!

Indigo Oak Studio

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