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Im an Auckland based muso with good quality studio gear. While primarily a guitarist, a couple of years ago I got into producing, recording & mixing a lot more.

I have accumulated lots of theory knowledge and am keen to continue to learn and put it into practice with more than my own music. I believe one of the best ways to improve is to get unbiased feedback from people, and there's no better way to get that feedback than from total strangers who know their songs better than anyone and have a sound and end goal in their heads.

Im not a professional and I do this as a hobby. As such, I am not charging a set rate for my time. You decide what the final product is worth to you. I can provide you with a video run down of how I arrived at the final mix so you get an insight into what steps I took etc.

To get the best results I require good quality stems, multitracks, DAW project folders, DI's, samples etc. If your recorded working files are clipping, super noisy and/or just very poor quality - its always going to be harder to get a great sounding end result (you get out what you put in :))

I can work with you to help guide you through the process of exporting files etc. I find the best and easiest way to share files is to use Google Drive and/or other free file sharing cloud storage services (OneDrive, sendBox etc)

I am open to mixing most genre's (rock, metal, punk, prog, indie, folk/acoustic/singer songwriter, EDM, industrial, pop etc). The only genre I have zero experience/interest, and also dont personally listen to is RnB/Hiphop

Zero risk for you, if you send me your music and dont like the end result - no harm no foul. I gained some new experience and got your feedback and you got to hear your music through the lens of another person/mixer. You can decide if you want to keep it, ditch it and/or pay me anything for the time I spent on it.

Get in touch if interested. Cheers


Original Musician from Auckland
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