Drummer in Helensville

26 Mar 2024 537 views
Musician Available (Drummer)
Hey peeps, I’m a drummer looking to do something with my instrument, specifically in Helensville or close to said area around in Auckland. I’m 19 and have 13 years into my instrument, looking for either a band or even gigs would do, genuinely just looking to play with other musicians this year.

I personally listen to and can play songs by artists like CASIOPEA, Tatsuro Yamashita or Masayoshi Takanaka but I also throughly enjoy bands like dream theater or even right down to Tame Impala.

So if this post piqued your interest at all or you’re into the same music I am, hit me up here peeps.

(Last thing I’ll mention is I play by ear, before you have your doubts send me a song and I’ll play it back in 10mins ez pz, unless it’s a speed metal song cause uhhhh yeah no, my feet don’t move that fast just yet man)

Drummer in Helensville


Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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