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10 Apr 2024 667 views
Musician Wanted (Other)
We are a small group in our mid-20's, alternative and experimental music lovers.
Member Hamish has produced his own album that gets no listens but we all think it's quite good.
Member Alex is a Jazz aficionado with perfect pitch super-powers, and Ollie loves a good sing.
Sometimes our friends turn up to play as well.

We might write/record in the future, just in it for the friendship and vibes currently. All multi-instrumentalists that love messing about with sound.
Hard to describe our genre, we dabble in a bit of everything, currently electronic/alternative/folk/ambient/experimental/jazz-esque. Probably best to scroll through our sometimes terrible, sometimes alright jam tapes:

If you play something... drums, brass, keys, strings etc and like our stuff we'd welcome the chance to have you along to see if we get along. 20-30 age range preferred.

We currently meet on Thursday nights Titirangi Beach Hall, Auckland. 5.30-9.30pm. Regulars split the $60 bill, works out at no more than $20 per week per person.
Join our Experimental Jam Nights


Original Band from Auckland
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