Valve Amp Repair Specialist

14 Jul 2023 972 views
Hi, I build and repair Valve Amps in Howick.
UPDATE: Now located in Paeroa
Experience dating back to 1970s.
My custom amplifiers are usually wired TRUE point to point wired as pictured.
I also have a sizeable stock of Valves, and components new and NOS.
No charge for examination to appraise for amplifier repairs.
Once I have had a look you can make informed decision on repairs.
If you have an old classic which has lurked in the shed for years don't plug it in before you have a valve Tech look it over.
It is amazing what can be brought back to life in the right hands!
Check out my facebook page:
Or give me a call. Alan 0212957454.
Valve Amp Repair Specialist

Anvil Amplifiers

Service from Auckland
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