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What is it for?

It has come to my attention that NZBands code and design are old, tired, failing to work on more and more devices and is slow af.

  • Rebuild most functions.
  • Redesign with ALL modern devices supported.
  • Addition of new features, removal of features that are not used enough.

A full rebuild of this site is estimated to take around 80 hours, this is 80 hours doing unpaid work, please help!

Where else to donations end up?

  • Every donation helps with monthly hosting, domain registration and update costs.
  • Every (even partial) cent counts, seriously.

What's in it for you?

On top of the warm fuzzy feeling you will experience from knowing you helped out the music community, we will:

  • Flag your membership as a contributer.
  • Feature all your listings.
  • Soonish contributers will have ads disabled.
  • Your displayed username will have a star next to it (in progress)

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