Producer Engineer looking for artists

21 Feb 2024 394 views
I have been doing the recording and production for my band and want to expand to working with other bands/artists.
I want to help you turn your songs and ideas into records ready for release.
You can hear my work here This is the band I play guitar in and record/engineer for.
I am a 27-year old guitar teacher, have a Bachelor in Music with first class honours, and play in a band, and am driven entirely by a love for, and desire to make, great music.
As I am trying to build my portfolio I will work for cheap, but not for free. Rates and services we can discuss/negotiate case by case.
What I can help with:
1: Finishing or polishing songs. If there is something you are stuck with or want a second opinion on I can help with songwriting
2: Play parts or find session musicians. If you need an instrument that you haven't found for your band, I can help find someone to play for the recording or do so myself for guitars/bass.
3: Run recording sessions. I can run recording sessions for you and/or your band either in your own space or a studio. I do not have a studio of my own but we can discuss venues.
4: Mixing. I can take tracks and arrange, edit and mix them for whatever production value you are looking for, from a raw live-band sound to super tight highly produced and layered arrangements.

If you think we could work together on a project, send me a message on here or at and we can discuss how I can help!

Liam Dallas

Original Musician from Auckland
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