The Sharing Shed Practice Rooms

16 May 2023 709 views
Kia Ora in case you are new here we thought we would introduce ourselves.

We are The Sharing Shed Practice Rooms. Located in the heart of Wellington we have 4 soundproofed studios available for hire. Complete with a PA system, bass amp & head, drum kit, microphones & leads what more do you need?

We are open from 9 am-6pm for Teachers/acoustic performers and 6 pm - 10pm for bands/drums & bass.

Regular short and long-term contracts are available with added benefits. One-off bookings are also available.
If you are looking for a spot to practice, record, teach & make, The Sharing Shed has got you covered.
Email for all booking inquiries or call 04 385 1498
The Sharing Shed Practice Rooms

Webb Street Music Rooms

Service from Wellington
May 2023 INTRO
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