Rock band seeking vocalist

23 Apr 2024 545 views
Musician Wanted (Vocals)
Hello vocalists! My band is a 4 piece from west Auckland with varying experience gigging and playing. We all hail from various musical backgrounds and past projects consisting of a Bassist (Vocalist and guitarist of Esmonde), Rhythm guitarist (Released his own records, receiving notoriety in the LA black metal scene), Lead guitarist (Vocalist and lead guitarist of Sovereign), and drummer (Ex drummer of the Sad Italians). We're looking to be an original band with the odd cover and have started work on numerous originals. We are all incredibly productive, talented individuals. Seeking a young singer (18-22) who will interact with a crowd, make them laugh, and look good doing it. No writing experience needed, though it would be appreciated. Everyone involved has experience writing lyrics so we can fill the role of lyricist if needed Temporarily. If this sounds like you, please contact Josh, 02108025923


Original Band from Auckland
Apr 2024 INTRO
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