Keyboard player looking to start a Vulfpeck cover band

06 Feb 2024 608 views
Musician Available (Piano / Keyboard / Synth)
I’m a keyboard player, but I also play electric and acoustic guitar, and I produce some electronic music. I’m 34 and live in West Harbour.
I’m pretty keen to start playing some Vulfpeck covers and then seeing what happens. Here’s the first few songs I want to cover:
- Dean Town:
- Beastly:
- Cory Wong:
I will mainly be on the keys, but might also pick up a guitar or a cowbell. I’m looking for a drummer, bass player, and rhythm guitarist.
I listen to a lot of different genres though (funk, indie, trip hop, lo-fi, synthwave, hip hop, psychedelic, psytrance, EDM, DNB, IDM, progressive metal.) Keen to experiment and mash up some different genres.
I studied music at Excel and used to play in church worship bands for many years. I have some performance experience with Excel. We did a tour around NZ for a year, and also did a few months in Germany.
I’m a little bit rusty now but keen to get back into it. You don’t need to be a pro as long as you’re keen to practice.
I have some recording gear and know my way around a DAW (REAPER, Logic Pro, and I’m learning Ableton Live.) I have NI Kontakt instruments and plugins and a bunch of other synths and effects.
Could be keen to do an instrumental band, but I would also be keen to play keys for a singer/songwriter. Would be awesome to be in a band like Shapeshifter, The Phoenix Foundation, or Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
I have a home office and a garage where we can jam, but I don’t have a drum kit. Probably easier to go wherever the drummer has their kit set up.
Send me a message if interested - 02108846818

Nathan B

Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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