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  • 455 Views 1 Reply T.Hollands

    Spam emails

    T.Hollands - Fri 18 Jan 19

    Who else is getting emails from Skunk Radio Productions saying they have found your music on NZ Band...

  • 814 Views 9 Replies NZBands

    NZBands Rebuild Ideas

    NZBands - Mon 09 Jul 18

    Hi Guys, I took some time to review the website code today and have decided that its wanky and needs...

  • 1116 Views 12 Replies Sqrrtl121


    Sqrrtl121 - Sat 28 Apr 18

    This site is dying. We need to get more musicians to know about this site.

  • 886 Views 4 Replies NZBands

    Commenting on Profiles

    NZBands - Tue 13 Jun 17

    Would you like to be able to comment on profiles? Does it have any merit?

  • 976 Views 2 Replies Roidrat22

    Dunedin Cover Bands for Wedding!

    Roidrat22 - Sun 12 Feb 17

    Hi there can anyone recommend Dunedin bands for a wedding? would like a cover band for all genres ra...

  • 977 Views 2 Replies LucasB

    Multiple new messages

    LucasB - Wed 20 Jul 16

    Hi. Just wanted to feedback i.e. not complain :) that I got three copies of each of the two seperate...

  • 616 Views 3 Replies kiwijetpilot

    Renewing listings

    kiwijetpilot - Wed 13 Jan 16

    Listings not easy to renew, firstly because there doesn't seem to be any warning that they are about...

  • 699 Views 1 Reply NZBands


    NZBands - Tue 12 Jan 16

    Had some luck using NZBands? Leave a message here about your experience.

  • 397 Views 1 Reply Snaphead

    T-Shirt request

    Snaphead - Mon 07 Dec 15

    What do I do if I want to get a designed added to your merch store?

  • 382 Views 1 Reply Snaphead

    Uploading image issue

    Snaphead - Mon 07 Dec 15

    I get an error when i upload an image for my listing wtf is with that?

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