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  • 1378 Views Sqrrtl121 Sqrrtl121 - Sat 28 Apr 18

    This site is dying. We need to get more musicians to know about this site.

  • NZBands NZBands - Thu 03 May 18

    Stats say otherwise :)

  • NZBands NZBands - Thu 03 May 18

    However, more the better!

  • BryanHunter BryanHunter - Wed 13 Jun 18

    I fell on this site by accident on Saturday, have left 4 messages, been contacted by all, have had a jam and replied to another ad. I am finding this site to be amazing. Well done!

  • NZBands NZBands - Tue 19 Jun 18


  • Mr_Unknown124 Mr_Unknown124 - Wed 05 Sep 18 ~ Edited Wed 05 Sep 18

    Hey all, any bands looking for new members? Im keen to join one ???? I’m way into punk, misfits, Ramones, and sex pistols are all my shit aha. I’m also into slipknot and can sing / scream powerfully and cleanly. I’ve never been in a band but I’m keen to destroy if anyone’s keen ????

  • Garro Garro - Wed 12 Sep 18

    I just joined seems really good will try spread the word

  • SixSixMe SixSixMe - Sat 20 Oct 18 ~ Edited Sat 20 Oct 18

    This site is not dying but the musicians are and most have died already. This place is full of time wasters, wannabe musicians and people who think highly of themselves as if they were some kind of Freddie Mercury. When it comes to rehearsal they cannot hit a basic note. Sad but that's the reality. I have wasted over 1.5 years now with wannabies from this site. Saying the above; nothing against this website. This country is about rugby and barbecue, not music!

  • NZBands NZBands - Sun 28 Oct 18

    Should we make a 'pro' version NZBands? Maybe seeking only experienced musos with visible experience, for example soundcloud, youtube might help you thin out the 'wannabes'.

  • jazzforzzaj jazzforzzaj - Wed 31 Oct 18

    You should stop people reposting their add after it drops of the first page/ and the comments on adds look mostly unhelpful
    I have had some good players respond to my adds and some not good/people just learning etc-thats what you get in life
    Most people's tube and sound cloud are shit anyway so not sure if that's a winner/ I think it works now in many ways man...

  • NZBands NZBands - Sat 03 Nov 18

    Yea, we are reviewing allowing listing comments. As for reposting, that would mean checking every listing for same content - should be in next version of website.

  • jazzforzzaj jazzforzzaj - Sat 03 Nov 18

    Forgot to say- I have looked at heaps of the bands profiles just coz they pop up- maybe you could 'pro site' the band sections with s/cloud youtube stuff and charge a fee? It's good exposure for everyone.

  • NZBands NZBands - Fri 01 Feb 19

    I'll add that to the list - cheers!

  • Infinitymonad Infinitymonad - Mon 09 Sep 19

    Yep, I haven't been here in a while and it is even more quiet here than it was last time.

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