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  • 525 Views Sqrrtl121 Sqrrtl121 - Sat 28 Apr 18

    This site is dying. We need to get more musicians to know about this site.

  • NZBands NZBands - Thu 03 May 18

    Stats say otherwise :)

  • NZBands NZBands - Thu 03 May 18

    However, more the better!

  • BryanHunter BryanHunter - Wed 13 Jun 18

    I fell on this site by accident on Saturday, have left 4 messages, been contacted by all, have had a jam and replied to another ad. I am finding this site to be amazing. Well done!

  • NZBands NZBands - Tue 19 Jun 18


  • Mr_Unknown124 Mr_Unknown124 - Wed 05 Sep 18 ~ Edited Wed 05 Sep 18

    Hey all, any bands looking for new members? Im keen to join one ???? I’m way into punk, misfits, Ramones, and sex pistols are all my shit aha. I’m also into slipknot and can sing / scream powerfully and cleanly. I’ve never been in a band but I’m keen to destroy if anyone’s keen ????

  • Garro Garro - Wed 12 Sep 18

    I just joined seems really good will try spread the word

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