Keyboardist needed for paid gigs

07 Apr 2024 614 views
Musician Wanted (Piano / Keyboard / Synth)
We're Halfstar. Looking for a skilled keyboardist for a Green Day tribute band! We'll be doing paid gigs this year.

We have some requirements if you want to join:

- Must be a Green Day fan! Plus willing to learn songs across all their era's.

- Must be committed to weekly or fortnightly rehearsals.

- Good communication! Sounds silly - But we need someone who's got their shit together! Need to be responsive in a group chat forum; and not just ‘show up’. Don't want to be chasing someone around and have us wasting our time!

- Above all else, we're looking for someone who also just knows how to jam and have fun!

Auditions will start in May

Contact me on: 027 895 9134
Keyboardist needed for paid gigs


Original & Covers Band from Auckland
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