Ellamy Studios

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Ellamy Studios is a full service recording and production facility based in Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. All the mic (vintage 87s, 4038s from the 50s etc), plate echo, Bricasti reverb, vintage analog desk, Neve 1073 pres, mastering level monitoring etc. All the stuff that york street or roundhead have, just less room. Can track a 4 piece band in isolation in real time, and have several high end instruments including a Tele, P bass, Jazz fretless bass, Warwick Bass, Les Paul, Taylor Acoustic, Fender Deluxe amp, Yamaha U1 piano, Ludwig mid 60s silver sparkle kit, Roland JDXA, and Korg Kronos X.
Have access to top quality drummers and guitar players for your project, and I play bass and keys if you need it.
Can work from pre production to mix and master, or just mix or just master your project. If you wanted to add that expensive sound, you can record your vocal thru a vintage 87, into a vintage 1073 neve pre, thru an LA2A valve compressor!! The pure sound chain.
Also run Protools 2020 HDX, and have logic 10 and Ableton 10. All Native instruments plugins available as are Waves, Soundtoys and McDsp.
Great coffee machine, relax environment, and PS2 with loads of games!
Come round for a beer to check the place out