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Freelance Photographer based in Christchurch,

I started my photography as a hobby, but now I look into it as a casual business. Beginning in 2013, I decided to attend photography class in high school with a Gopro HD camera. Throughout the year, I had received highest grades in my class, and by the end of the year, I discovered my Great Grandfather was a photo + video enthusiast after World War 2. Since then I have used various cameras, lenses, and accessories. I have worked casually with Metropol Magazine, Ferrymead Heritage Park, Tennis Canterbury, and did some Underwater photography while studying at Dive HQ Christchurch. As of last year, my friends invited me to their music gigs at Pegasus Arms, and they were called The Preservatives, and since then I have been photographing numerous music events around Christchurch. My main subjects/bands include The Preservatives, Bad Lamas, The Snake Behaviour, Temperamental, Iconic [Duo], Pretty Dumb, and most Ara Music students.

You can check out my portfolio on;
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