Riven Sound Studios

Service from Lower Hutt
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Starting up a small basic studio for local bands to get decent recordings without paying through the nose.

When my band was interested in getting our album recorded, we had trouble looking for good deals on recording our 12 track album at a price we could afford.

The solution was buying the equipment ourselves and doing it all ourselves.

I'm offering a service that's affordable to the local bands that don't yet have over $7000 dollars to record/mix and master their album.

The studio is a large lockup/jam room with a high ceiling providing quite a nice drum sound and i have enough equipment to record a drum set with up to 5 toms.

Can do any option of recording that's needed. I can record just the drums if you are wanting to do your own guitars and vocals. Record the whole band and let you take your recordings to get mastered by someone else or i can do the mastering myself.

you can contact me via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/RivenSoundStudios/