Original Musician from Auckland
Punk Third Wave Ska Revival Ska-Punk Pilfers Ex Ray Spex Anti Flag
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CEO of Yard Juice Records and Clothing Label. Spanish guitar and vocals. Getting into electric guitar and screaming punk vocals. Recording studio experience. Production skills including post production, motion graphics and editing. Performance and installation artist. Artist management including PR and bookings agent. I have toured with a Japanese Taiko group and performed at festivals and other events. I have also performed solo as a singer songwriter. Currently putting together a band. I like everything from Punk, Ska, Jungle, Dancehall to Thrash. My favourite bands are; Anti Flag, Sublime, Pilfers, Rage Against the Machine, Slits, Ex Ray Spex, Nick Cave, Big bag of Stix, Drop Kick Murphys, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Tipa Irie, Supercat, Metal Heads, Movado, Busy Signal.