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01 Jun 2024 403 views
Other Services (DJ / Electronic Musician)
I write & produce my own music both for film and solo work but I've been thinking lately I wouldn't mind offering my services to others who might be in need of some help in mixing and mastering, or even throwing in some backing vocals and other instrumentation as needed for your project.
I have written and produced a few tracks (vocal & instrumentation) that got on a couple of Netflix movies, a US TV series and I currently write some stuff for a music library in California.
I'm also pretty good at producing music videos (from experience with my own solo projects) and happy to offer this service too.
Rates are $50 per hour - for all of these services combined.
Please get in touch to talk more about what you would like!
(Please note these services offered are for any tracks already recorded by you. I am not offering recording services but I can add vocals and a variety of instrumentation to your prerecorded tracks if you'd like.)


Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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