Originals Guitarist from Auckland
Shoegaze Grunge Industrial Nine Inch Nails Nothing Crosses

27yo guitarist in Auckland. Have worked in audio off and on, played in bands eg. Also been a playback tech. Logic user and handy with Ableton.
Own a lot of good gear; Fender Jazzmasters, Telecasters, AXE FX, Good PA. Also have a new Mac Studio and a bit of outboard gear for recording.

Stylistically interested in anything with a bit of an edge to it. My previous bands have been rock or hardrock with some electronic/industrial influence. Although I have been involved in more pop and indie stuff too, but as a hired gun.

I run a small business and work a heck of a lot, but still love music and want to be involved with it. When I do something, I tend to really throw myself into it and put in a lot of effort, and expect others to want to do the same. So not looking for total dreamers looking to take on the world, but serious projects considered.

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