Music Facts You Didnt Know

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Background music does not improve your ability to concentrate but will help you when youre at the gym.

A little background noise makes you more creative, a lot hurts creativity.

One of the most interesting music facts in that your favorite song is probably your favorite because you associate it with an emotional event in your life. 

Both social influences and quality affect which songs you like. 

You dont like the original version of a song because its better, you like it because its the one you heard first. 

Whether a musician makes eye contact during a concert and what they wear affects whether you like their music.

When times are tough people prefer music thats more meaningful. 

Music can predict the stock market. 

Popular music has been getting more narcissistic for a while now. All the best songs are about sex anyway.

Listening to classical music might increase that IQ as well. (And smarter people like classical music.) 

Music can literally affect the way you see the world and lyrics can influence your behavior. 

Liberals own a wider variety of music than conservatives.

Bar owners get you to drink more by turning the music up. 

Love songs and romantic music make you spend more in flower shops. 

Classical, jazz and popular music make you spend more in restaurants.

Music piracy helps big bands and hurts little bands. 

Overall, the Beatles lyrics became darker, more psychologically distant, and less immediate over time.

The music you like does say a lot about your personality because different personality types are drawn to different music. Your personality also affects how you use music. 

You get some of your musical taste from your parents. 

The music youll like when youre old is probably what you were exposed to between ages 16 and 21. 

You can tell how conscientiousness and agreeable a man is by watching him dance -  and if he keeps dancing hell get more creative.

Country music can make you want to kill yourself but rock music wont. 

Classical is the most relaxing. 

People who like heavy metal dont have issues. 

Jazz musicians actually “turn off” part of their brain to be more creative. 

Romantic music does help men pickup women. 

Music can persuade you to do unethical things. 

Good music can increase pain tolerance and reduce anxiety.

Melodies are more responsible for how music makes us feel than lyrics.

People who really like music are more likely to get songs stuck in their head and the best way to deal with an “earworm” is to just accept it. 

People who are very open to new experience are more likely to get the chills from good music. 

Yes, you can be addicted to music but Robert Palmer will be disappointed to find out you probably arent Addicted to Love.