Lip From Urge 6: Finding a muso on NZ Bands

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Hi all.

Here I am once again writing for NZ 

First of all, thank you for the 1000 views of the blog collectively. This is really cool and it's amazing to see that people are reading the blog and taking it into account by everyone on the website :)

Right, into this month's subject- finding a musician.

There are many different types of musicians out there, and hence many different advantages and disadvantages of doing so. As a result of my own struggles, I'm going to try and help solve your issues with the following few tips that might help you out a bit:

1. Take a look around the listings that are already there. This is my first port-of-call for finding musicians as it is not worth the point of posting an ad looking for a singer if there are already 20-odd people in the area who can offer you the same thing.

2. If you are looking for a musician that is hard-to-find in your area, try looking in nearby areas. It can be a pain at times trying to co-ordinate practices adn recording sessions- but it will open up other opportunities for your band to play/record/hang out together.

3. if the number of ads in the 'Musos Wanted' section outweigh the number of ads in the 'Musos Available', then you might want to hold off on posting an ad, but instead try other sites like StarNow which have many musicians available (normally around the 2,000 mark). This is a lot less pressuring on you and your potential musos.

4. Ask friends if need be, you never know might have that spark you're looking for. Enough said.

4. If you find someone and they for some reason rip you off, don't go telling the entire world. If you must, perhaps leave a small comment on their spot saying 'Avoid if possible' and perhaps state a short reason why, other than that, leave it.

5. When you have your band together, try and develop a relationship with them in adn out of the band so that way you won't end up back here too soon in the same position.

Right, that's me for now. Will be back in march.
Enjoy :)