Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
Progressive Metal Funk R&B Billy Sheehan Victor Wooten Way too many to list actually
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I'm a bass player that's got a heap of experience.
Love all types of music, rock, metal, jazz, funk (of course) R&B, progressive, pretty much most.
I've played in heaps of covers and original bands, recorded at some great studios and just love music and the music business.
I've finally got my dream gear. A lovely Ken Smith Black Tiger Elite 5 string, a Tobias Growler 5 and a Kubicki xfactor, and an Ampeg SVT-CL head with matching 8x10 Cab. Also a smaller rig if the beast isn't needed.

Love to meet other muso's. Especially the ones who love their instrument and learning all they can do with it and understand music is a language