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Hi there.
I'm a 25 year old singer from Hamilton, trying to get a new band together. i haven't been in one since moving to Hamilton from Auckland as I can never seem to find a drummer and as soon as I find a drummer I seem to lose another member. So yeah, looking to get something started either originals or covers. I've been singing for a long time now and have experience in many genres including Rock n Roll, Country, Pop Punk, Ballads, Soft Rock, Hard Rock, and Blues. Basically I just can't (don't want to) scream or grunt. Fave bands are Poets of the Fall, Halestorm, Metallica, Amaranthe, Epica, Christian Kane, Alice in Chains, Blink 182, and any members of the Rat Pack.
If you are interested flick me a txt on 0210563747 and just let me know the deal. Cheers.