Originals & Covers Musician from Auckland
Rock Hard Rock Folk Guns N Roses Jimi Hendrix Mumford & Sons

14 years experience with guitar. Got a bit of gear for gigs and also some audio interface gear for recording.

I don't currently own an amp for gigs, happy to purchase one if needed but also got an effects processor that can simulate an amp and run into PA system.

About 2 years experience with pub gigs. I did a bit of singing in this time and quite enjoyed it. I haven't done any proper vocal training but am keen to improve in this area.

Mainly looking for a group that is keen to do gigs. Also happy to collaborate on original stuff, I have a bit of my own stuff to add.

I know quite a few songs in the rock-hard rock genre but can easily learn pop songs if required for gigs.

Favourite bands are: Guns n roses, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Megadeth, Stone Sour, Hendrix, Mumford