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Wellington based multi-instrumentalist 24 years old. My main proficiency is in Electric Bass. However I am competent at guitar (Lead and Rhythm), vocals (lead and backing), and keyboards/piano/synthesizer. I can play a bit of drums, but has mostly been result of drummers being unavailable or trying to record very basic beats for my compositions. During the day I study and work in the field of physics (which I have a honours degree in). My main research interests are condensed matter physics, materials science, and spintronics.

Currently my main musical hobby (and second largest flaw) is composing then recording short musical ideas (unfortunately usually in 7/4) that may become the basis of a verse/chorus/bridge for songs that never come to be. My largest flaw is my skill as an inept lyricist. Teaming up with someone who is at least not green in this area would be of interest to me.

I'd like to be performing in an originals band. It's uncomfortable for me to not have a creative outlet (see previous bands section). Reach out to me if you'd like to try and get something together.

(Currently) listening to lots of:
- Pink Floyd, Genesis, Toto, Steely Dan, Lyle Mays, Pat Metheny, Funky Knuckles, Snarky Puppy, Thundercat, Mansur Brown, Shapeshifter, The Black Seeds, Meshuggah...music for musicians I guess....

Current bands performing with:
Jack of Hearts (covers band 2012-) - lead guitar, lead&backing vocals, synthesizer/piano/electric piano.
- we perform at a variety of venues around the lower north island. Most of our work is around the Whanganui-Manawatu region as most of our members are originally from here. We have performed as far north as Taranaki and as south as Wellington. We are looking to expand the number of venues we perform at over this summer and would like to hear from any venues keen to have us :) Please visit our website: https://jackofheartsnz.com/ (NB: the recordings are from a number of years ago and we are in the process of updating these - thanks for your patience). Members - Matt Hardcastle, Ben Lockwood, Nathan Brown.

Previous bands:
Morning Jah (reggae/popular music covers & originals 2018-2019) - bass guitar, lead&backing vocals. https://www.facebook.com/morningjahnz/
Members - Bobbi Hutchinson, Henare Paaka, Jordan Tohiariki

Fynthetic (originals & a variety of covers 2014-2017) - bass guitar, lead&backing vocals. Mostly original music in odd times signatures overlayed with funky bass lines, huge synth sounds, and noisy driving guitar - https://www.facebook.com/fynthetic/
Members - Finn Mitchell-Anyon, Te Paerata Tichbon, Connor Eades (Burn the Machines).

Omiera (Metal/Metalcore originals 2014-2016) - bass guitar. First time playing metal! Great fun. Always exhausted after playing. Good times and loads of friends made :) https://open.spotify.com/artist/3l7zdL0xFDt86vNb6s7TBt
Members - Joshua O'Donnell (Banks Arcade, Cohle Harris), James Feekes (Wet Bandits), Simon McDonald

Funktional (originals 2013) - Smokefree Rockquest band from High School days. We won the Whanganui regional finals in 2013 and peoples choice award. Voted 5th in peoples choice competition nationally. Unfortunately we ever finished our EP due to university calling and everyone getting busy (you know how it is!). Find tracks here https://soundcloud.com/funktional-1
Members - Brigham Fantham, Jeremy Cooper, Brendan Cooper.

Soulsteady (covers band 2012-2014) - Bass guitar (no vocals - corpus callosum wasn't wide enough yet haha).
Members - Dave Griffiths (The Replicants), Daniel Harding, Terry Jackson, Max Brown

Many more that I can't quite recall! Thank you to everyone above who has been part of my musical journey and helped me get to where I am today. (Apologies to the people above who I haven't included a band you're currently playing in. Probably mostly my fault for not keeping in touch. If you let me know who you're playing with these days, I'll happily add it).

Contact me : butler.tane.91@gmail.com