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Hello, I'm Mimfie -- an ex Haunted House actor, half-Swedish-half-Kiwi Singer / Songwriter who can only barely play guitar, but frequently writes songs using only my vocals.
I'm looking to work with fellow singers / songwriters, pianists and guitarists, preferably within the 15 - 30 age bracket so that we have more in common (I'm 23).
I'm a pre-transition transboy, so while I may have a feminine voice, I much prefer to be called he as opposed to she. If you do slip up from time to time, I'll understand. Hopefully my name helps.
My music primarily falls within the Folk and Horror genres; although I am deeply interested in Alternate Rock and very willing to explore writing songs with more of that sound to them. My voice is quite Celtic-sounding, which makes singing rock songs difficult for me, however I'm always willing to adapt and improve, and I feel a Celtic voice may in fact lend an interesting new feel to a rock song.