Original & Covers Musician from Wellington
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My names Andrew.

I'm a guitarist, specialize in genres like blues, funk, rock, country and a few classical pieces.

Grew up with a heavy influence of blues, rock, jazz, funk pretty much any genre.

Fav bands:Led Zep, BB King, SRV, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Pink Floyd.

Always looking for someone to jam with. When it comes to covering songs, I'm all about putting new flare on it. Rarely will I play a cover note for note to the original.

My number: 0224653866

You can also facebook me at Andrew Kotwal

I've performed as guitarist for the band Hush Money, and played gigs in Auckland at venues like The Civic Theater for film festivals and played at local pubs and bars

Recently moved to Wellington and searching for like minded musicians of all ages.