Musician from Christchurch
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Hi, I mainly play bass, but do have a hit on the drums once in a while, and then on a whole nutha bunch of instruments from time to time. Am mostly a hobbyist musician and home studio guy, but sometimes play gigs on bass with my fathers band in Christchurch.

For bass I have a 6-string fretted bass (detuned to F#0), a 4-string fretless bass (detuned to B), a 15 inch combo bass amp/speaker (borrowed from the old man), and a Korg multiFX pedal.

In my home studio I run a main PC with a 4-in 4-out soundcard, a MIDI controller, and a Korg PadKontrol - I have Windows and Linux on it, and spend most time in Linux, but have DAW's running in both OS's. I have a 2nd PC running an audio-centric Linux distro with 2 MIDI controllers and several Linux based DAW/soft-synth softwares. Aside from basses and MIDI controllers I have 2 electric guitars, an acoustic electric guitar, a DIY 9 piece electronic drum kit connected through an Alesis Trigger I|O (driving BFD2 on Windows, or DrumGizmo/SF2 soundfonts in Linux), and a Saxaflute. All my keyboard sounds are oldskool SF2 or Gigastudio soundfonts, or soft-synths such as Zyn Fusion.

My musical tastes are varied - listen to a lot of prog rock such as Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson, but enjoy many genres...