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27 May 2024 388 views
Hi guys,
My pseudonym is Djaco, I’m 30 y/o and I’m a multi-instrumentalist drummer & urban music producer.

I’ve been an urban/hip-hop/rap beatmaker and producer since 2017, and now I feel confident enough with the sound quality I can achieve to offer accessible and affordable tracking, mixing and mastering services for others that might not have access to studios and such.
In my home-studio, I work with Logic Pro X and use an MPK249 as midi controller to make beats / make arrangements for each project, as well as tracking vocals, guitars and bass guitars.
Few of the services I can provide are:
* tracking of vocals
* edit, mix and mastering
* arrangements and remixing of beats
* distribution
If you already have beats but only need to track vocals then no problem! we can work that out too!
Some of the artists I’ve produced are:
* Lu Kang (Spotify)
* T.O.Flow (Spotify)
* Exile Crew NZ (Spotify)
I’ve uploaded a few snippets of beatmaking to my instagram account, also got Soundcloud with some demos and Spotify profile with some original music, so feel free to check them out and contact me if it seems useful for your projects.
Looking forward hearing from ya’ll


Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
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