How to audition for a band

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So you're auditioning for a band and don't want to mess it up. Here are a few tips:

Learn the songs
If you can't learn them all in time, then let the band know this and ask which songs they'd like you to prioritise.
If they can't send you recordings, get as much information as you can and practise whatever you can (i.e. If they can tell you it's a blues riff in B, then practise playing blues in B).

Be prepared
Ensure you have all your best gear and backups of the most important 'breakables' like picks, batteries and audio leads.
Also take a simple gym bag or ruck sack with extension leads, multi-port power boards, ear plugs, simple tools (or a multi-tool), duct tape/insulation tape, a tuning key or anything else you may need at hand. The total value of this bag isn't going to be more than about $40, but it means you'll always have what you need and look mighty professional in the process!

Turn up early
This gives you time to meet everybody and set up your gear. If the band are coming to your house or a place you've organised, you should be there FIRST and ideally have all of your gear set up, this leaves you free to warm up, as well as be a good host (ie fetch extension cords, adjust sound levels and answer any important questions).

Be communicative
While you're playing, ask for feedback on what they think of your interpretation of the material. This indicates that you're easy to communicate with, open to new ideas and value their opinion. Their reaction to your question will indicate the band dynamic, who runs the show and how well they receive feedback.

I'll say this again, as it's the most important thing.  If you can't learn the songs for the first jam, how would you be able to do it as part of the band!?

Have a 5 minute warm up together
Once you're all set up, ask if it's okay if you all have a 5 minute improvised jam.  This may not be your thing, and it also may not be theirs, but it's a good idea to make a simple 3 or 4 chord progression in an easy key to get used to playing together.  This also gives you an opportunity to check the audio mix before tackling the 'set list'. This one is optional, but a good idea if everyone is okay with it.

No alcohol
Don't arrive hungover and don't drink during the jam. At the most, have one drink during the last couple of songs. If music and alcohol (or drugs) go hand in hand for you, then play sober and drink to celebrate. This shouldn't just go for an audition, but every time you play together.

Don't be nervous
If they've invited you for an audition then you have already met their criteria. You are also auditioning them. Just relax, have fun and learn as much as you can!