Lip From Urge: The NzBands Blog: Pt 2- Mastering Delay

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Hi all.

Sorry for my absence. Have been so busy with ivy Blue that I haven't had a chance to get a blog done.

Right, today I am going to show (tell) you how to get my 3 way delay type sound that I use on songs like FOREVER DECEMBER (For those that need specifics, this song is from the Ivy Blue album ILLUSIONS and is the fourth track).

I have been known to use a nux MG-100 Multi Effects Processor (see my previous blog)- but after it fried on me quite some time ago- I have now obtained a VOX Stomp-lab 2G which does the same job and to a better effect.

Right, for the delay, you have 4 'echoes' and 4 'analog'. I use different delays for different songs depending on what affect I need the delay to ahve on the song, but for Forever December I am using E1 (Echo 1). The Gain Value is 10 and the Level Value is also 10 (again this varies depending on the sound- but for Forever December- this is the delay settings I use).

I save this as a preset along with a VOX AC30 cab (v2), the pedal off, the amp at c3, the lo and hi on, the modulation at Pt, HL Reverb, Noise Reduction on (nr), and and the GBL on GL (These presets will already be in the Stomplab as factory presets, when you're in edit mode- select the type of effect and use the up and down arrows until you see the setting on the small screen).

When I save my board live (i.e. NOT editing) the gain value is 5.00 (half way) and the Level at 9 (3 quarters of the way) accordingly. The preset should save into the USER settings and from there you just need to access the preset you saved it into.

Pair this up with a nice distortion (I use a vintage Aria MP-5 Distortion Pedal but a decent distortion will do the same job), and an overdrive where the level is half way and everything else is turned down- you will have my signature Forever December sound.

Well, that's me for this month. Will be back in December (hopefully sooner than later) to discuss some other cool stuff.

Until next month- cheers :)