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I had piano lessons as a child for a number of years, taught by my mother (who has been a professional classical pianist for her entire life). I eventually attained Grade 2 in piano under her instruction, but it became apparent that the piano wasn't the instrument for me.
When I was a teenager I started playing the electric bass guitar. I had lessons from Scott Sutherland, during which we covered a range of concepts including technique, music theory, the physics of sound, and music reading. During these years I also played in a few bands with school friends, and I was one of the first members of The School of Rock. After some time practising with no tuition, I joined my first serious band. We recorded an album of all-original material but unfortunately it was never released.
After leaving this band, I moved to Melbourne (Australia) to begin a new musical life. During this time I took the opportunity to develop my recording skills, making a number of demo recordings and learning about equipment. My recording skills were later employed by the band “Summon the Birds”.
One of the bands I played in was Five Acre Field, which was organised by Matthew Gough (a graduate of Melbourne University’s Bachelor of Music Composition program). He applied his skills to compose challenging, classically-influenced music, while sticking to a typical rock band format. The experience included having to learn an 8-minute rearrangement of Bach’s BWV 1052 (all other compositions were written by Matthew Gough). We independently recorded a 5-track EP in 2012, but I left the band in 2013 to return to New Zealand.
I’ve since kept myself busy by doing more recording work, and am currently studying Jazz Performance at the University of Auckland.