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18 May 2024 478 views
Musician Available (Guitarist)
I am looking to play music. I am particularly into blues and bluesy rock, but I practice all sorts. I spent a few years spamming scales so I could Improvise and rather than learning specific songs I practice how to play what spontaneously comes. It has given me a good ear and I can learn typical things, rhythm and lead, quickly. I can't shred. Currently. I can play nice melody and I, try, to play with the song, with the chords and feel. I can read Tab in the basic sense, I can learn the notes not the timing. I would need to hear a song to learn it. Really love to play blues. If someone just wants to jam basic ass 12 bar blues for a few hours I'm in.
I have a place to play, for two or three people but I have limited transport options as a medication I take prevents me driving. I have at least two of everything however, which might help.
I have had limited jam time lately and while I'm not super shy, my skill is. So I will start out like I can barely play. So if that happens give me a little time.
I am very flexible with time.


Original & Covers Musician from Hamilton
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