Audio Storm
Tauranga Band Joined: Mon 16 Jun 14 - Last Seen: Tue 25 Nov 14 - 577 views


Audio Storm is a studio ROCK project master-minded by Kingsley Smith. Their style captures the high octane energy of stadium rock, paying homage to the legacy of bands like Guns n Roses, U2, Queensryche, Van Halen and Dream Theater. It’s epic hard rock with big power ballads, chunky guitars, sweeping keyboards lush harmonies and soaring lead vocals... kind of like what you might remember from the good old days.

Audio Storm is a return for Kingsley to his rock roots, tapping back into that big sounding retro rock flavour. Their first single, ‘The Night’, is a power ballad which endeavours to take listeners back to a time of youth & nostalgia, yet integrating the modern spoils of great audio engineering. Have a listen and judge for yourself.