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I’m a mature saxophonist living in the Ponsonby area.
I play my sax's as a lead instrument - I play the 'sung words' rather than just the harmony.
I play both Alto and Tenor. Both sax’s are played amplified with added reverb.

My Musical Roots - I played bagpipes from my early teens until I was 27, the last 10 years in one of New Zealand champion pipe bands. I stopped at 27 when I started my OE. No music for years. I love live music and I understand the composition/structure of music, but I struggle with reading music. I regret stopping music.

I started playing sax two years ago and found lots of similarities in the fingering to the bagpipes. I was like a 'duck to water'. Finding my 'music style' has proved interesting, as you will see from my song list below it is quite eclectic.

I'm passionate about playing and practice 3-4 hours a week. I have a number of new songs in the wings.
In early 2017, I played a short set at two gigs with a band earlier this year with bass, guitar, ampt'd ukulele and drums. I was delighted with the outcome and would like to do more. The same two gigs are on this year and I'm invited. I'd like to go with own my band [maybe that should be 'our' band]

My style is ‘various’ as the song list below shows:

Current - 2000 onwards
* When I was Young
* You’re Beautiful
* I’m Yours
* Hello
Have some songs by Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith in the wings that needing a bit of polish.
I'm currently playing around with some Spanish style music - Despacito & Havana.

* Ain’t no Sunshine
* Have I Told You Lately
* Billy Jean
* Englishman in New York
* Dido's - Thank You
* Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Trying to do a bit more Van Morrison and Joe Cocker songs.

60’s - 70’s
* Hey Jude
* Stand by Me
* No Woman No Cry
* Imagine
* Love me Tender
* Rock Around the Clock
Can play a few other Beatles numbers.
I have couple of Eagles songs in the wings at the moment.

I also have a 50's set including:
* Hit the Road Jack
* Somewhere Over the Rainbow
* Mack the Knife

I tried a bit of old jazz - John Coltrane and Charlie Parker, but I’m not sure it’s really me.

If you’re interested, I'm happy to meet to see if our music styles match.
I have a location to practice in Parnell plus a music room in my house in Herne Bay.

If there's synergy, lets jam and see if we click, then put together a song list. The occasional gig would be great if we can get together a good song list.
Target could be - play on the street for market day on Ponsonby Road in summer 2018 and the two gig's in early March as mentioned above.

Ian McTavish