Robin The Hippie

Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
Experimental Indie Rock Neo-Psychedelia CSN Tame Impala Jacob Collier
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My name is Robin, I do also happen to go by ‘Robin The Hippie’ but Robin or Hippie is fine. I am a self taught vocalist, guitarist, bassist and synth player ( i also play ocarina,melodica,didgeridoo and possibly more). I have been involved in music for 12 years of my life (vocals and piano being my main forte) and it is, has been and always will be the biggest part of my life and nothing could or will seperate me from that. I play a very large variety of music in my own spare time, from songs i create of my own that are influenced by indie,psychedelic,ambient bands and songs, to cover songs from bands like tool, shpongle, kylie minogue, erikah badu, tame impala (obviously), America, CSN, Fleetwood mac, Frank zappa and so on and so forth. As stated above i do everything from singing to playing so i am very very comfortable with doing these things. The reason i am on here is because i want to take what i have further and create amazing art with amazing people and i hope to find some soon!!