Original & Covers Musician from Auckland
Rock & Roll Pop/Rock Punk
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I play the drums and am looking for a band to jam with.
I'd like to play originals and covers but I don't mind either way. I just wanna jam with people who are committed and learn the songs we decided to. And obviously I wanna have fun!
Keen to rehearse weekly. I have an electronic kit tho, so jamming in a studio would be preferable.

37y old. Born in Brazil, living in AKL since 2006.
Living in West Auckland, but happy to travel (within AKL).

Favorite bands: Foo Fighters, Guns, Muse, Nirvana, RHCP, Rage against the machine, Faith no more, Incubus, Offspring, BIlly Talent, Green Day, Zeppelin, Metallica, Misfits, Queen, Ramones, Zombie, etc... (pretty Rock eclectic).