Kiss The Funky Monkey
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Drummer Wanted Kiss The Funky Monkey World Tour

We are Kiss The Funky Monkey and we are touring the world in 2014. We will be playing shows in N.Z. from 15th to 30th of April 2014. We will arrive in Christchurch.
Over the last 3 years we have been playing a lot of gigs in Germany and Europe and now it´s time for N.Z. The places we will go to are not all fixed yet. But we planned to play as many gigs as possible.
As our recent drummer refused to join us for the whole tour, we are now looking for a drummer to join us for at least some time.
Our sound is a mix of Punk-Pop and Funk-Rock. For more information and sound samples please check out

If you are interested to join us during the time in N.Z. please get in touch.