The Blistered Fingers
New Plymouth Band Joined: Thu 10 Oct 13 - Last Seen: Wed 04 Dec 13 - 2767 views

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The Blistered Fingers are a Taranaki based four-piece rock 'n' roll band. The group play up to four shows a week in New Plymouth, putting their spin on hits from the 50's, 60's and 70's as well as developing their original tunes.
Founding members Jim and Karl (bass and vocals, respectively) put together the band after years of lazing around talking about how great it would be to put together a band.
With a shared love of classic rock 'n' roll, a perverted adoration of The Beatles and too much spare time, the two friends found that they had nearly all the ingredients to form a band.
After a brief trip overseas the duo came across an out of work guitarist, half-drunk in a seedy bar. Enter Kerr. The face melting, heartbreaking shredder complimented Jim and Karl's sound so well that they offered him a permanent spot in the band as lead axe man.
No rock 'n' roll group is complete without a drummer, and The Blistered Fingers were no exception. After jamming with several talented percussionists, the guys found a groove with ex-Nod drummer Glenn.
If you haven't heard of The Blistered Fingers yet, you have now!