The Dark Third
Auckland Band Joined: Mon 30 Mar 15 - Last Seen: Mon 02 Apr 18 - 438 views

Originals Post-Rock/Experimental Prog-Rock/Art Rock Shoegaze

Hi, we are The Dark Third, we are (were?) a six-piece band and have been gigging in Auckland for over two years, supported multiple international touring artists, and will be releasing our debut album in June-July this year. We're looking for a guitarist to join ahead of the release shows for the album and to begin recording for our second album later this year (it's already like 70% written).

Major influences include Steven Wilson, Alcest, Radiohead, The Jezabels, Mice on Stilts, Kayo Dot, Anathema, Mew, Swans, Blindead, Darkspace, Peter Gabriel, Gyorgy Ligeti, Tim Hecker - basically anything dark and sad. The guitar is mostly used texturally, in the vein of a lot of post-rock, but we have vocals and saxophone and other bits that are a bit atypical for post-rock. Only a few songs have notable riffs or leads, there's a lot of chords and ambience, so if you're looking for solos then you may be disappointed, but if you own three reverb pedals and can tremolo pick for days then we're the band for you. Because this is our only full-time guitar slot and the guitarist will do 95% of the guitar on recordings, we're looking for someone with a solid grasp of the instrument and probably a decent pedalboard, but that's not 100% necessary. Our biggest influences for guitars are post-rock, shoegaze and black metal bands such as Slowdive, Alcest, Godspeed You Black Emperor etc.

Our current lineup is:
Daniel - vocals, piano, occasional live guitar
Denys - bass, some guitar
Alika - saxophone
Tim - drums
VERY likely we will have a violinist but that hasn't been 100% confirmed

Guitar - ??????????? YOU?

Message us here or on our facebook page if you're interested