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Ivy Blue are an Alternative Rock duo from Te Aroha, New Zealand made up of The Urge (born 1996) on Vocals, Guitars, and Keyboards, and A.Flow (born 1998) on Drums, Percussion, and occasional Vocals.

They grew up together in Te Aroha and have played together in other groups, but decided to take the plunge as a rock duo in November 2013, and since then have gone from strength to strength.

Urge suffers from Autism and ADHD, neurological disorders that causes his brain to not work properly, but he uses music to keep his mind going and to keep his world at balance, having gone from being extremely autistic to being on the low-mild border of the spectrum and being a mainstream student at Te Aroha College.

Their music is a unique blend of electronic, rock, and pop which when blended right can produce amazing results. Such songs include their first single 'Invisible'- a song about a person who feels invisible to the world, songs like ‘Forever December’ where the end seems to be only the beginning, The Wanderer which has a noglastic view on childhood and the phase of going from boy to man, and Window In The Skies, the view of an older man looking back on life. Their songs speak for themselves.

Ivy Blue released Invisible on March 25 via their former IvyNet.Com website for free listening and later released all 7 songs from the forthcoming album 'REVEAL' for free streaming on Sound Cloud. The stream was later taken down due to undisclosed reasons on the 4th of May 2014.

The album saw official release on June the 7th 2014, receiving a generally positive reception on REVERBNATION and causing minor movement online. 2 weeks later, the band's second album WORLD MAGNETIC was released on June the 25th 2014 with a single titled WINDOW IN THE SKIES, achieving similar results as the previous album REVEAL.

In August 2014, the band released on Reverbnation their 3rd album ILLUSIONS, which maintained the band's top 5 position on REVERBNATION and a single titled Forever December was released on the 27th of August 2014.

In their free time, Flow plays rugby in Harwera, and Urge is an online radio host, volunteer, author, and is very involved with politics, all of which on top of school.
Right now: the band are currently planning a live show for December, and readying the 3 albums for digital release on major platforms this October.