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I am a guitarist of 33 years experience, have recorded my own albums and albums for many clients in my home studio.
I am available for session guitar work on original material, if you need serious chops, rhythm guitar and soloing work give me a call.
I use logic x and work remotely from home so send me your tracks via dropbox.
Top of the line gear, Mesa Boogie Mark V 90 watt, Gibson, Ibanez, effects a plenty and most importantly high level improvisation and musicianship to complement your original recordings. Plugins from waves, native instruments, Izotope, Lexicon, TC Electronic, Two notes audio engineering, Focusrite and the list goes on and on.
I have been an APRA member for a long time and understand the business side of royalties.
Nearly all of my session guitar work doesn't involve royalties (some clients like to give me 10%).
My fee is $50 per hour (GST incl).

Kindest regards
Daniel Hewson

021 049 4797