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Hey Guys

Aaron here, Bass player for hire :)

Easy going dude with a fun approach to gigs. Confident, skilled and funky player with 25+ years experience and can cover most styles at short notice
I play a 5 String Bass through a GK 700rb head and quad. I also run a rack compressor in-line, but other than that i let my fingers do the talking!

Current projects;
- Juno (Song writer, Bass player) - Rough Demo snips linked in Soundcloud. On going original project.
- Dcoda - Bass, Vox - Working band with good friends that wound down to casual gigs here and there
- Undercover - Bass, Vox - As above, both bands total a hand full of gigs over the year for festivals and private/corporate gigs that pop up
- Corbet Bro's Duo - Bass, Vox - Again, a handful of gigs a year with my brother

Any gig/fill-in/event/style considered,
In the case of fill in cover gigs i would only require a set list the week leading up to the gig but would gladly make myself available for rehearsals

Links and demos will be up for you to view shortly

If you are looking for a fun, energetic, tight player that likes to 'kick it in the guts! then i look forward to hearing from you!