Glow Becky
Auckland Band Joined: Fri 28 Apr 17 - Last Seen: Sat 01 Jun 19 - 738 views

Originals Alternative Pop/Rock Rock

Diverse, versatile, organic & dynamic – GLOW BECKY was formed through the instant & powerful bond experienced between the band during a random jam-session in Auckland, New Zealand, that brought them all together in 2016. Naturally finding rhythms and grooves in a wild exchange of experiences, skills & styles – their quick discovery of being able to connect & adapt to each other inspired all five players from that jam to combine their own stunning individual talents into something even greater.

Unified as GLOW BECKY, the band has locked-in to an ever-changing, excitingly fresh approach to their sound that encourages the freedom of expression and putting ‘the moment’ right into the music. With an impressive range of ideas & creativity fuelling their alternative kiwi rock, GLOW BECKY expands & evolves their songs & structures even further by infusing bright pop melodies and a heavy rock vibe. Each player in the band is committed and determined to creating music that truly speaks for itself.

Currently applying the finishing touches to their debut EP and recording at Soundkard Productions – GLOW BECKY is ready to make their mark in 2017 with their first single due out mid this year and an intense amount of live shows planned all throughout Auckland & beyond to support the new record.