Josh Loman

Original & Covers Musician from Napier
Death Metal Post-Hardcore Metalcore Thy Art Is Murder Architects Northlane
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I'm a metal vocalist with about 4 years experience. Before Covid I was living in London and playing in a death metal band and I'm now looking for a band here in NZ. I'm living in Napier at the moment but I do have a car and don't mind driving a short while away. I have an instagram you can check out @screamin_lemon where I post little clips in my car and have some older footage with a mic hooked up and some with my band in the UK. Currently my clean singing and my high screams aren't good enough to perform but I practice basically everyday and sometimes see a vocal coach so its getting there. Some bands with a similar vocal style to my range at the moment are: Thy art is murder, Architects, Northlane, Traitors, Fit For An Autopsy, Whitechapel.