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Well, I'm just an older dude playing lefty bass after having failed learning the electric guitar many decades ago. Currently, I'm working down in New Zealand.
Working with my guitarist to start an Indie Band called Rooster (tentative). Perhaps I'm not the greatest bass player in the world (that would be Flea!), but I'm without a doubt committed to learning this craft as best I can. My bass coach is Scott Sutherland. He's done a pretty good job building up my skills slowly. You can see his profile at: www.probasslessons.com.
Here is my gear and tech breakdown:
Sterling StingRay MusicMan (Ray4)
Aria Pro II Magna series PJ
Ibanez Gio PJ GSR200
DR Low-Beams
D'Addario Pro Steel
Warwick Bass Head - WA300
Peavey Cab - 115BVX BW
Vox VX50-BA 50w Amp
Vox 15w Pathfinder (practice amp)
Fender Rumbler 40w
Vintage DOD Overdrive 250 (1980s)
BOSS SYB-5 Sinth pedal
DigiTech Wammy Ricochet octave pedal
DAW - PreSonus Studio One 4
DI - Mackie Onyx Artist 1-2
Headphones - Mackie MC-150
Online -Jamming JamKazam
Practice Tracks - Karaoke Versions