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Good afternoon there ! My name is Ryan McDonald and I am 35 years old . I am an uncle and have a 6 year old nephew. Just thought i might let you know that i am actually fully vaccinated. When i was born i was a very sick baby and i was born with a collapsing windpipe and i could not breathe properly and i almost died.as a baby i had to have a tracheostomy tube shoved down my throat to help me breathe and i had to be placed into an incubator and i had to be placed into the department of critical care at national women's hospital when i was born. when i was about 6 years old i caught the micoplasma bug and had to go to hospital again, i have had a couple of surgeries as a kid aswell like surgery to my neck to cover up a hole, surgery to my teeth to remove excess extra teeth to help me eat better and i had to have both a plate and braces to help straighten up my crooked teeth which are now straight.Also I have had surgery to my left leg and left knee to help me walk better as i was born with what is known as tight tendons in my left leg/knee etc. I have also dislocated my shoulder about 4 times and have had to go to hospital for that too. I also have been born with what is known as inflammatory arthritis in my right elbow which gets quite painful etc. I used to have painkiller medication for this to help with the pain but have decided to come off this and try and tough it out etc. I have also had surgery to the back of my nose so that my nose doesn't get blocked so much and to stop me from getting sick and help me breathe better. i have also had surgery to my ears to enlarge them and make them bigger as before the surgery i had baby sized ears.I was born with one of the world's most rarest dwarfism developmental syndromes called Meier Gorlin syndrome which makes me an extra short and small sized adult. I also have just recovered from a kidney stone surgery. I am also born with Aspergers syndrome. My first nickname is the “Greyhound Drummer” and my second nickname is the “Cat Daddy !” and my 3rd nickname is “Doctor Ukulele !” For fun lol :) I am an actor aswell as a musician and i can imitate different accents when i sing. I once went for a lord of the rings movie interview to try to be the dwarf Frodo Baggins actor (but i did not get the part unfortunately cause of medical problems with my leg and not being able to run up and down hills constantly etc) .I also learned french at school.I am born in new zealand and am a kiwi but am part british as my grandparent's Muttie and Gumma were from Canturbury and Blaydon in UK England/Great Britain etc. I have one brother called Jamie McDonald. my brother's wife Emma is a teacher for a job. My parents are Jane and Bruce McDonald. Me and my mother Jane we are still friends with the 2 nurses who used to look after me when i was a sick baby in hospital and those 2 retired nurses are called Barbarra and Wendy who used to work as profressional nurses at National Women's Hospital where i was born etc. When i was a kid at school i got hit in the head with a cricket bat and had to go to hospital fora bleeding head. Thankfully I did not need any stitches. I joked at school that day that i had an Egg on top of my head (which in fact was an egg of dried blood on my head that was clotting from where i got hit in the head with the cricket bat) .My mother Jane Mcdonald used to be a teacher also for a job. one of my uncles Rodderick Mulgan is a doctor and a lawyer/barrister in court of law for a job and my other uncle David Lawson used to have a female kiwi policewoman called Mandy for a girlfriend back when i was growin up as a kid. I also used to go to school with a kiwi police officer who is originally from south africa. I also used to go to school with another kiwi police officer's brother whose name was Jerram . I also have a firefighter department officer for a friend too called Donald. Along with this i also have a female friend called Greer who is a nurse at one of the hospitals in christchurch who is dating my friend called Liam. For those of you who are into sport and rugby league i have a mate called Alex Horrucks and Alex's cousin is the famous Stacy Jones from the famous New Zealand kiwi rugby league sports team called the New Zealand Warriors ! for those of you who like rugby sport my dad Bruce has got a mate called Ross (whose nickname is Rosscoe) and Ross is mates with the famous new zealand kiwi All Black Rugby player called Ritchie McCaw ! My brother Jamie has also met the famous all black Ritchie McCaw aswell and had a photo taken with him ! My mother Jane McDonald once had lunch out at a cafe with the famous musician Cat Stevens at one stage !. Me and my parents Jane and Bruce we also once met Dave McCartney who is from the famous new zealand kiwi band called Hello Sailor who had that big hit with Blue Lady in the 70's ! Dave gave us a free CD ! And my Dad Bruce McDonald once paid the famous musician and lead singer Graham Brazier from the famous new zealand kiwi band Hello Sailor to do a cleaning job for him ! And my parents Jane and Bruce live right next door to Terry's Sister and her husband and Terry is one of the famous original members of the famous new zealand kiwi 60's band called Larry's Rebels who had such songs like Everybody's Girl and let's think of something long ago and far away which has become part of new zealand's musical history. me and my mum Jane McDonald we have also met one of the original members of the new zealand kiwi female band called The Chicks who had that big hit with the song called Do The Hucklebuck in the 60's ! My mum Jane also once walked past and saw the famous Mr Ray Columbus while she was out food shopping and Ray Columbus was from the famous 60's new zealand kiwi band called Ray Columbus and the Invaders who had that big hits called She's A Mod and Till We Kissed. Also I have a mate called Jasper Hawkins who i used to jam with at my place and Jasper knows the famous musician called Neil Finn and Tim Finn from the famous new zealand kiwi 70's and 80's band called Split Enz who had those big hits such as I Got You and My Mistake and Dirty Creature ! Also I have also met the famous New zealand kiwi singer called Greg Johnson and his profressional backing band while visiting my neightbours as Greg Johnson was hosting a free concert down there at my next door neighbours house as Greg was friends with my next door neighbours at the time when i was living in birkenhead maritime terrace. Greg also gave me a free CD too ! My parents Jane and Bruce also live right next door to one of our prime minister's Jacinda Adern's family members apparantly. Other hobbies am into are gardening as i grow my own strawberries etc, swimming , kayaking ,sometimes skiing at SnowPlanet , I used to play table tennis as a teenager as i got taught by the best in new zealand as her name was Karen Li , and i used to play touch rugby back when i was at Unitec Mt Albert as i undertook and I.T course there aswell as foundation studies course there. Plus i also used to go to scouts club back when i was a kid too. I am into cats and dogs and animals as I have a seal point Siamese cat called “mr Snoop” at home, so every saturday i like to celebrate Caturday which is a play on words from the word saturday where every saturday i celebrate my seal point siamese cat Mr Snoop and i celebrate with everybody who owns a cat in siamese cat clubs etc, and i also like to celebrate international cat day aswell where we all pay tribute to our cats ! I also like to celebrate what i like to call Cat o clock ! which is when i finish work which is when i get to go home and cuddle my cat ! lol :) when i was a kid i used to have 2 whippet dogs that were the same as greyhound dogs only smaller called Jessie and Elvis who unfortunately have passed away now bless'em, and I like watching movies like Action movies, War movies, Horror Movies and sometimes Thriller moviess and british tv shows like Corronation Street and Emmerdale. , I can copy pictures and do a bit of art, I like to read some books , I also enjoy watching sport and I also enjoy shopping as well as listening to and performing music. I also like to teach people how to play the ukulele for free on youtube and facebook and on my offical doctor ukulele website. and I also like natural organic herbal remedies for healing too and I also like to play computer games and making 3D computer games ,and I also like to do a bit of cooking too . I often go to watch my brother Jamie McDonald race his sprintcar at bay park speedway down in tauranga. My brother Jamie once won the national sporting car championship and became the nz no. 1 best sprintcar driver in New Zealand for a year. My brother Jamie also races his sprint car at western springs and Christchurch speedway too . I also love to go on holidays for example to Fiji .I also like to go to quite a lot of old live 60’s and 70’s musical entertainment shows/concerts too as well as modern music concerts .Back when I was a kid growing up I used to write stories . I also enjoy playing with my little 6 year old nephew too as his uncle . I come from a famous family cause my own dad's Cousin was Steve Gilpin who was the famous lead singer from the famous new zealand kiwi band Misex from the 1970's and 1980's who had those big hits with the songs called Computer Games and But You Don't Care . :) me and my seal point siamese cat Mr Snoop would love you to join us ! :) Doctor Ukulele has just entered the Waiting room and is ready to treat his next patient ! Doctor Ukulele wants to know have you had your medicine today ? Doctor Ukulele says that your prescribed medication is music music music baby and lots of it ! in fact as much as your hearing and your brain can handle in one day ! (it is meant to be a joke etc) :) As Mick Jagger from the rolling stones 60's band likes to say I am your little red rooster ! too lazy to crow for days ! he he ! :) By the way i am happy for you to sing lead vocals in my band, just as long as you don't sound like a parrot bird with it's nuts caught in the door then it's all good with me ! he he ! :) I(again just jokin :) I am also religious and i am also christian and like to go to church and read the bible etc, so as i like to say let's all praise God and let's all give the devil a black eye baby ! he he ! :) i am also autistic aswell and i have asperger's syndrome etc. As I like to say let's rock everybody ! If ya keen then Come and rock with the doc ! lol :) May God bless you all ! and good luck with your own music people ! :)