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Liking my latest amp (a lot)..... I have a few other 'tools' but there is only one material thing I actually love and that's my guitar. I love the humans in my life too. I have a 6 year old human daughter. I am a single Dad but a team player....and there is still a (albeit platonic) love for my departed ex-partner :) I am true to my own musical abilities and believe I have a couple of good 'singles' in me (one already written) and more than enough 'album' tracks that float in and out of my mind as potential 'singles'. Yes I am confident in this belief.....bearing in mind a small ax can cut a big tree. The big tree needs more roots. Can someone help me complete the unfinished albums? Can anyone bring something new to my musical life? I wish to record, but would also very happily play live. I don't need to play live as much as I need to record though. I am self taught in Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard/Synth and Vocals. I have played these mentioned instruments in original bands. I have played quite a few live shows in pubs and clubs, festivals and tours.